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Reichert Tereichert testerster

The testing machine basically consists of a controller and a mechanical station.
The controller is compatible with different mechanical stations (eg. different kind of tribological test or contact geometry). The test specimen is mounted on the mechanics and the load is applied by mean of weight and mechanical amplifier. The test setup is input into the controller. The test is started from the touch screen controller, all the test variables are controlled and recorded. When the end of the test is reached the machine automatically stops.
All the test setup are programmable using the touch screen. The acquired data can be exported and evaluated on external PC using a Windows based software. The operator safety is granted by a continuous control of safety condition by means of interlocks.

Four-Ball Test Machine, ASTM D2266, ASTM D4172, DIN 51350-1

Ultimate and fully automated

Four-Ball Test Machine

– Highly precise loading CPU controlled
– Stand alone digitally controlled via Touch screen
– Suite on external PC
– Variable Speed Motor CPU controlled
– Temperature Controller System
– Automatic Test Start and Control
– Pneumatic Loading System CPU controlled
– All the moving parts are safety controlled

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Lubricity, ISO 12156-1, ASTM 6079, CEC F-06-A-96We offer the HFRR-2 upper and lower specimen according ISO 12156-1, ASTM D6079 and CEC F-06-A-96.

Besides the upper and lower specimen for the lubricity we are in the process to offer the market the test balls and rings for the Bocle tester ASTM D 5001.

Each batch product is subjected to multiple inspections and supplied with Certificate.


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We are worldwide selling analytical and measure equipments for the industry and for environmental control.
We are currently developing our network of international distributors and agents.
Nordexp is a registered trade mark of Nordtest s.r.l., a well known distributor since 1989 of analyzers and analytical equipments.
We promote in this moment our comprehensive range of good quality equipments, from manual to automatic, for the test of physical properties of petroleum and petroleum distillates, bitumen, lubricants, etc.
All the equipment is manufactured in Italy.
As Nordtest, we have a sound track of experience and know how in this field and we can provide competent and effective support to the customers, yet we want to offer to our customers, both distributors and end users, very good value for the money. If you are interested to know more about our range, do not hesitate to contact us.Nordexp logo