Cleveland Automatic

[su_note note_color=”#e3e3e1″]ASTM D92 IP 36 EN 22592 (obs.) ISO 2592 DIN 51376 (obs) FLASH AND FIRE POINTS BY CLEVELAND OPEN CUP TESTER
This test method describes the determination of the flash point and fire point of petroleum products by a manual Cleveland open cup apparatus or an automated Cleveland open cup apparatus.
This test method is applicable to all petroleum products with flash points above 79°C (175°F) and below 400°C (752°F) except fuel oils.[/su_note]

CLEVELAND AUTOMATIC with automatic flash point sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor

Cleveland AutomaticMounted on a case painted with anti-acid epoxidic products. Calibrated brass cup, gas ignition device fitted with a pivot manually or automatic passing on the cup. two electrical ignitor for automatic turn on of pivot.
Apparatus with automatic temperature ramp, flash sensor, glass PT100, electrical and gas ignition system, ramp precision of 0.1°C, Real time operating system with S.D.M. software application, network conection and remote control of the instrument, 2xUSB host+client ports, serial RS232 port, USB, ethernet and serial printer with PCL support, Custom method, ramp and setpoint test procedure, TFT touch screen display with 800×480 screen resolution. Dual scale with °C and °F of choice, Tested with certified product: FPRM2D with ±0.1°C precision. Friendly and easy to use application. Predefined ASTM D93 A, B and C procedure. Smart sense of flash point using vapor charge value. Safe use and diagnostics of the components and sensors. Over 500.000 guarantee test results memory, long life electric igniter.
The automatic version, 880/AUT model, is supplied with a automatic sensor for flash point and atmospheric pressure sensor with ±0.1 Kpa precision.

Technical specifications:
– Temperature: from 79 to 400°C (from 175 to 752°F)
– Power supply: 220V 50Hz
– Power: 600W
– Dimensions: 46x31x57 cm
– Weight: 20 kg